this is the most accurate representation of this scene



3rd year nitori probably has permanently messed up hair thanks to exasperated hair-ruffling

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aaahh sorry for the super nsfw i needed to do another makoharu boyfucking dot gif. this was supposed to be my nsfw account after all

be the change you want to free

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Source: Free!ES 11話感想+宗凛漫画 (Free! ES 11 Thoughts and Sourin Manga) by 佐倉ひつじ
Translation: aitaikimochi
Notes: This is exactly what I imagined Sousuke’s inner thoughts to be like regarding Rin going to Australia again. Please give the artists stars if you enjoyed this ☆☆〜!!!

TRACK: Free! Eternal Summer ED FUTURE FISH Rin Matsuoka Ed
ARTIST: Rin Matsuoka (CV: Mamoru Miyano)
ALBUM: Free! Eternal Summer ED

FUTURE FISH Rin Matsuoka (Mamoru Miyano) Solo Version.

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It took me forever..but here it isFree! Motivationals posters gifs~

Yes, that was Dory’s quote ( uwu)~

(Realmente los había hecho pensando en mi~  … ¡pero seguro que hay otra persona que también los necesita!)


Free! Eternal Summer’s product page released this preview of the special character bracelet for Rin and Sousuke featuring a cute shark and whale shark charm! Hopefully due for release this year! Can’t wait to get my hands on one, personally!


no homo, right?


the first text post meme i made was mostly humorous and then i slipped in some harumako toward the end but then i thought 'why not make one completely about harumako' so here it is

ALSO i am so saddened by all of this recent angst and i know a lot of others are too so pls use these snapshots of haru being madly in love with makoto to soothe ur hearts


I really was born to meet you..



this is what I mean by it shouldn’t be any different the other way round

it’s just so cute because he’s like, “ohhhhh” instead of arguing anymore. I love it


Ken should be illegal, how do you go from kicking puppies to being the cutest boyfriend ever???

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